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Customers visiting our pharmacy are being reminded to wear a face mask or face covering.

This follows the Northern Ireland Executive’s decision that face masks must be worn in enclosed settings where social distancing cannot be maintained.

The purpose of the mask is mainly to prevent the spread of the virus to others, though it will also provide some protection to the wearer.

The World Health Organisation recommends that masks should be made of triple layered cotton or polyester fabric which is washable. It should cover your nose and mouth.

Masks should be used alongside other measures such as social distancing to 2m where possible, and regular hand washing or sanitising.

 Tips on how to apply, remove and take care of masks

  • Wash hands or use hand sanitiser before putting a mask on, and after removing it.
  • When wearing a mask, avoid touching your mask and face, especially eyes nose and mouth.
  • Ensure it covers your nose and mouth and fits comfortably but securely against the side of the face.
  • Avoid wearing it around the neck or forehead.
  • Do not give it to someone else to use.
  • To store your re-usable mask safely between use, fold the outer surface inward and against itself to reduce contact with the outer surface; store in a clean sealable bag.
  • Change your mask if it becomes damp.
  • Change and wash your re-usable mask daily.
  • For disposal masks, place carefully in waste bin, followed by hand washing or sanitising.

For further information or frequently asked questions, see www.hscboard.hscni.net/download/PUBLICATIONS/covid-19/face-mask-coverings-QAs.pdf

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